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At Dovecote Academy, we are committed to providing high-quality and accessible care at home services for those in need. We are excited to announce our new PA Empowered Online Learning program, featuring a range of courses including Care Certificate, Health and Safety, and over 80 other courses. Earn CPD points and retain your certificates while improving your skills from the comfort of your own home.

Catalogue Ref Course Title-Healthcare

lms-cleaning-equipment Cleaning and Decontaminating - Equipment and Environments

lms-cleaning-intwash Cleaning Interiors and Washrooms

lms-cleaning-waste Cleaning and Waste Management

lms-data-gdpr-dc Understanding the GDPR - Data Controllers / Officers

lms-data-gdpr-dp-hc Understanding Data Protection, Handling Information and GDPR in Health and Care Environments

lms-diab-aware Diabetes - Understanding, Controlling, Monitoring

lms-eand-oview Understanding Equality and Diversity

lms-eand-workplace Equality and Diversity in the Workplace and Community

lms-epilepsy-aware Epilepsy Awareness

lms-fire-marshall Fire Marshall - Understanding the Role

lms-fire-safety-hca Fire Safety in Healthcare Environments

lms-firstaid-allergy Understanding Allergic Reactions and Anaphylaxis

lms-firstaid-bls Principles of First Aid - Adults and Children

lms-firstaid-paed Principles of Paediatric First Aid

lms-food-allergens Understanding Food Allergens and Controls

lms-food-safetyFood Safety and Hygiene Level 2 - Intermediate

lms-food-safety-supervisor Food Safety and Hygiene Level 3 for Supervisors and Managers

lms-gen-cov19-employee Covid-19 An Employees Role in Maintaining Safety

lms-gen-custserv Delivering Great Service & Improving Customer Experiences

lms-gen-handwash Understanding Infections and the Importance of Hand Hygiene

lms-gen-ldd Understanding Learning Difficulties and Disabilities

lms-gen-literacy Reading, Writing and Interpreting

lms-hands-clerical Health and Safety for Office Workers

lms-hands-CRHARA Understanding COSHH, RIDDOR, Hazard Analysis & Risk Assessment

lms-hands-CRRA-cleanUnderstanding COSHH, RIDDOR and Risk Assessment within Cleaning Functions

lms-hands-general Health and Safety (Level 2)

lms-hands-healthcare Health and Safety (Level 2) for Healthcare Workers

lms-hands-loneworker Health & Safety and Lone Working

lms-hands-managers Health and Safety Level 3 for Supervisors and Managers

lms-hands-risk Risk Assessment

lms-hcare-pcc Understanding Person-centred Care

lms-hcare-phleb Blood Transfusion Safety in Practice

lms-hcare-recrephan-info Recording, Reporting and Handling Information & Complaints in Healthcare Environments

lms-hcare-tpn Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN)

lms-hc-ccThe Care Certificate - Fundamentals

lms-hc-commsCommunication and Handling Information in Healthcare Environments

lms-hc-consentUnderstanding Consent in Healthcare Environments

lms-hc-cp Care Planning and Risk Assessment

lms-hc-eol End of Life Care

lms-hc-hca-fallsSlips, Trips and Falls Awareness in Healthcare Settings

lms-hc-hca-infection-x2Infection Control (Issued in 2 Parts)

lms-hc-hca-oxygen Oxygen Therapy

lms-hc-hca-perscare-continence Understanding and Supporting Continence (including Urinary Catheters and Stoma Care)

lms-hc-hca-perscare-update Understanding MUST and GULP within Nutrition and Hydration

lms-hc-hca-personal-csh Personal Care, Support and Hygiene

lms-hc-hca-puc Pressure Ulcer Care

lms-hc-pdPrivacy and Dignity in Healthcare

lms-meds-msh-acute Managing and Safe Handling of Medicines in Acute Settings

lms-meds-msh-community-x4 Managing and Safe Handling of Medicines (England) 2023

lms-mental-aut Understanding Autism

lms-mental-awareness Mental Health Awareness

lms-mental-challenging Understanding Challenging Behaviour

lms-mental-dta-applied Dementia Care - Applying a Person Centred Approach

lms-mental-dta-approach Dementia Care - A Person Centred Approach

lms-mental-dta-behaviour Dementia Care - Understanding Behaviours

lms-mental-dta-condition Dementia Care - Understanding the Condition

lms-mental-workplace Understanding Mental Health in the Workplace

lms-movhan-objects The Principles of Moving and Handling (Objects)

lms-movhan-people The Principles of Moving and Handling (People)

lms-nutrition-hydration-allNutrition and Hydration - All Ages

lms-nutrition-hydration-elderlyNutrition and Hydration in Older Adults

lms-palcare-eol Care During the Final Hours of Life and Bereavement Care

lms-palcare-meaning Understanding the Meaning of Palliative Care

lms-palcare-person Supporting a Person's Needs in a Palliative Care Context

lms-palcare-physical Supporting Physical Care Needs within Palliative Care

lms-regs-docDuty of Candour

lms-sguard-cp1 Safeguarding - Child Protection (Level 1)

lms-sguard-cp2 Safeguarding - Child Protection (Level 2)

lms-sguard-cp2-l3 Understanding Child Protection and Responsibilities at Level 3

lms-sguard-cp3-hcw Safeguarding - Child Protection Level 3 for Healthcare Workers

lms-sguard-mcadols The Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards

lms-sguard-ppb Promoting Positive Behaviours

lms-sguard-prevent Understanding Radicalisation and the Prevent Duty

lms-sguard-slaveryModern Slavery and Human Trafficking

lms-sguard-sova Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults - Level 2

lms-sguard-sova-l3 Safeguarding Adults (Level 3)

lms-vanda-managing Managing Violence and Aggression

lms-vanda-understand Understanding Violence and Aggression in Healthcare Environme

At Dovecote Academy, we strive to improve the healthcare industry by empowering self-employed caregivers. We believe that every person deserves quality care in the comfort of their own home, and we are committed to training and supporting caregivers who share that belief. Our academy provides comprehensive courses on caregiving, management, and business development, so that caregivers can provide the best care possible while growing their own businesses.

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